John Lennon Shirt - JLW 8004 - Grealish - Long Sleeve

$159.00 AUD

Keep your wardrobe sharp with English Laundry's range of men's casual, business and dress shirts inspired by John Lennon.
Well-tailored and super comfy, this shirt features:
  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic Fit
  • Printed Cotton
  • Soft Feel Sateen
  • Printed Collar and Cuff

About English Laundry's John Lennon Shirts

The English Laundry men's long sleeve business, casual and dress shirts designs are based on patterns from the 1960s and 1970s. Featuring English plaids, stripes and solid poplins, the shirt styles range from Floral and Mod to Hippie and beyond.

The limited edition range of John Lennon shirts by English Laundry are inspired by this musical legend's very own sense of style. English Laundry are proud to work with Yoko Ono to bring shirt designs to Australia that are based on John Lennon's artwork— all of which he started working on as a wedding present for Yoko in what is now called Bag One Arts. All of the John Lennon shirts by English Laundry feature signature embroidery, peace sign buttons and a heavy emphasis on paisley prints. These long sleeve button up shirts definitely stand out from the crowd, just as John Lennon did.

Each and every one of English Laundry's John Lennon shirts is hand sewn and hand laundered, ensuring that every garment fits well and offers the utmost in comfort for the wearer. So, whether you're looking for a business shirt to cater for the 9 to 5, a dress shirt for that upcoming special occasion, or a casual shirt for men, English Laundry has the answer.