• I am a briefcase and leather connoisseur. I was drawn into the shop as the smells wafted through the door. I was immediately taken to the classic look and feel of the 15" Bill satchel. I was visiting from abroad and was reluctant but ultimately gave into my lust and made the purchase. After some use I found that a couple of stitches had began to give and a small tear had emerged. I was afraid that I had just wasted my money as I wasn't making the 15 hour flight just to deal with the problem.

    To my absolute delight and bewilderment, Pat responded to my email inquiry within hours. Not only did Pat respond in tone that didn't attack my use as the potential culprit but also immediately took action to identify which bag I had for a replacement. Along the process I had emails with photos as my replacement bag went through production and was placed into the box for shipping. Upon arrival I couldn't have been more pleased. The replacement I think might even be a touch more beautiful knowing the care and attention that went into its construction just for me!

    While every leather product is a unique creation, not every retailer is. I am elated to have conducted business with Indepal and you can bet on my next visit I'll be in to buy another hand made quality product. Highly recommend!! 

    Leslie Sherlin
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  • I love this shop. Quality products with a great feel. Real leather. Its actually worth just going into the shop to smell the real leather. It's great to have genuinely good quality products for blokes.

    Robbie Porter
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  • Great staff. Got a terrific bag of their own design at an excellent price. 

    Joxter Jones
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  • Stylish & authentic leather bags that smell almost as good as they look! I use my classic duffle all the time, whether it’s just a weekend at the coast or an overseas trip, as it’s a great size and good quality. 

    Amy Magnani
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  • My wife is absolutely thrilled with her bag. Beautiful design and very well made. Excellent reminder of our holiday in Brisbane now that we are home in Dunedin. Would definitely recommend a visit to this shop.

    John Middlemiss
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  • Really happy with the products and service. Saw a bag in the window and went in to take a look. Very nice owner/server who was happy to talk about the product, design and offer other suggestions. After I had bought the bag, my husband started looking at wallets. We were offered a discount as we had already purchased something. Quality is sturdy and much cheaper than typical leather goods of a similar quality.

    Fiona Ryan
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  • What can I say??? These bags and this company are MAGNIFICENT. Just unbelievable products and the customer services is second to none. I had an issue with one of my bags - their response was instant and they went above and beyond to help me. I was blown away with their response - you don't get that from other companies these days. Their bags are products are beautiful, the leather smell and quality is to DIE for, and they are unique, unlike the other bags that are all the same in the stores. It's great to find a company that not only make beautiful products but give 110% customer service. Thank you Pat and the team. 

    Kristy Beer
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  • We've now purchased 2 bags from Indepal and LOVE them! Firstly that delicious leather smell was obvious before the outer parcel bag had even managed to divulge the loveliness within. The quality of these bags is amazing - beautiful leather, quality workmanship - worth every cent. Secondly, the service was spot on. As a consumer, all you want is what you are promised and this is exactly what we experienced. Each order arrived as expected, with no delays despite quite short notice given for a birthday present delivery. Currently browsing the website to decide our next purchase! 

    Belinda Harvey
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  • Awesome... 

    Peter Beasley
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  • Great service! Went to their Brisbane shop, regarding a fixing a strap on my Indepal leather bag. Pat fixed it quickly free of charge - he didn't even ask for the receipt (I've had the bag for years). It's fantastic to see a retailer stand by their products. 

    Marcela Cespedes
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  • Addicted....great product and excellent service! Highly recommended. 

    Sharyn Beaver
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  • I was fastinated by the bag, the man's service was really nice, and I can't see any better bag than this one!! 

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